Youth Wing T Playbook & Install Manual





This playbook has over 30 plays and every play has detailed blocking rules vs odd & even defenses. All the backfield footwork is diagrammed with QB under center and in pistol formation.  Run plays include

  • Buck Sweep Series (3 plays);
  • Belly Series (5 plays);
  • Down Series (4 plays);
  • Jet/Rocket (4 plays);
  • Power Package (4 plays);
  • Trick Plays (4 plays);
  • Draws; one step PASS (2 plays); sprint PASS.

Not only is every play drawn up vs 4 different defenses (6-2; 5-3; Bear; 5-3 Shaded)….but every play has a PeeWee (4th grade), Junior (6th grade), and Senior (8th grade) version.  So actually every play is drawn up TWELVE different ways!

The play combinations grow with Stewart’s easy to understand the terminology that allows every play to run out of every formation, making 1 play look like 10 to the Defensive Coordinator. The formations section has over 20 formations and includes motions. All of these combinations make it seem like you have over 100 plays, but the linemen only have to learn 6-run blocks and 3-pass blocks. These 9 blocking rules apply to every play out of every formation.

The installation section diagrams all the drills and practice schedules. Gameday play sheets, scouting reports, and 1-page blocking rule summary are included in the Appendix.