Youth Wing T Offensive Package





Just wanted to give a shout out to Rick Stewart for helping me out, not only were the videos helpful, I wish I had ordered them earlier. I coach an 80lb national team here in Virginia, and we have a few first year players we are struggling with, but Rick provides the best info in the business.
Dave Roeseler
Coach, AYFC
Arlington Admirals 80lb
Arlington, VA

  • Run a cutting edge offensive scheme that utilizes the Belly, Sweep and Down families to create tremendous misdirection while maintaining a simple scheme that the kids will love
  • Execute 27 youth football running plays versus both an odd and even defensive look
  • Effectively run 23 passing plays that are easy to implement at the youth level
  • Get creative with your game plan and keep defenses guessing


Get all 4 DVDs plus the 196-page Playbook and Installation Manual.  A savings of $50 !!!!