Youth Pistol Wing-T Trick Plays and Formations



Get creative with your game plan and keep defenses guessing   Use nine different formations to take advantage of the defense and put the ball into the hands of your best players   Install plays that will destroy an 8-man front and attack the its weaknesses   Set up a game script that will identify how your opponent is defending you   Do you have a plan on how to attack multiple defensive fronts and the techniques in those defenses? If not, Rick Stewart gives you a blueprint on attacking every defense you will see with formations and his play series from the Sweep, Down and Belly families. Coach Stewart starts by looking at multiple formations that outnumber the defense at the point of attack to create blocking angles making the Pistol Wing-T so devastating. Stewart aligns the defense and how they can adjust in various ways while showing how each formation will take advantage of those adjustments. See how the X-Tight formation creates an unbalanced line giving the offense a numbers advantage at the point of attack. Learn how you can run the “Wildcat” out of the empty set putting your best runner at QB to take advantage of the holes created by spreading out the defense. Coach then breaks down off-balance and trick formations to run plays in the short-yardage, medium yardage, and long-yardage situations. Many plays have built-in options that allow the offense to run multiple plays depending on defensive adjustments to the formations of all of the plays specifically and how they are executed both on the board and on the field. Coach breaks down his plays into categories: Reverses and sweep pass – Coach Stewart gives you some great ways to use your speed against aggressive defenses. This can give you an opportunity for a big play against an aggressive defense and put the ball in the hands of your best athletes. Double Pass – Coach Stewart gives you three double passes to use after running your screens that you can use to surprise the defense. Counters – An effective counter scheme to take advantage of defensive adjustments. Short Yardage – A short-yardage package of four plays to use in the red zone or in short-yardage situations. He draws all of his plays on the board with their formations and then takes it to the field to see these plays in motion. He does a fantastic job using the terminology established in the first video to easily call various formations that players will be able to adjust to. He breaks down each formation and walks through every trick play or un-conventional play that can be run out of those formations based on how defenses might line up. There is much more to this video as Stewart shares his game script with you as well as how he reads the defense to call his offense. You will learn how to attack a penetrating defensive line when to attack the flank of the defense, what plays to run versus a 3 technique and what plays to run away from one If you are a youth football coach and looking for an edge this upcoming season, Rick Stewart’s trick plays can do just that. With youth defenses rarely adjusting to unique formations or unbalanced looks, this will be a sure-fire winner for your collection. 75 minutes. 2014.