Youth Pistol Wing-T Running Game



Execute 27 youth football running plays versus both an odd and even defensive look   Adjust the plays so they can be run at the “Pee-Wee” youth level   Implement simple blocking rules and how to change the rules as kids advance in age   Adjust each play so it can be run from under center   The Pistol Wing-T is a dynamic way to run an offense that has stood the test of time. Rick Stewart leaves no stone unturned in his overview of the Pistol Wing-T running game. You’ll get a complete step-by-step process from drills to installation along with the progression of the run game system for the Wing-T offense. Coach Stewart does an outstanding job going through the run series family and various plays to run off of those base plays. With just three “families” of plays you can deceive any defense with an arsenal of misdirection and “look-alike” plays. He starts out with multiple formations and demonstrates 27 plays in the Sweep, Down and Belly “families.” Using a chalk talk to thoroughly discuss the play, blocking combinations versus various defensive fronts, Stewart coaches you up on the key points that will make a big difference in the success of each play. You will get almost every play covered with The Lucky and Ringo no motion formations, which is perfect for the peewee level. Stewart follows up the chalk talk with a practice video of his 8th-grade team running each play diagramed and chalked. You will see common mistakes made by young players and how to correct the mistakes. Each play is drawn up against an even and odd defense. Coach Stewart goes in-depth on how to block against multiple defenses and how to adjust to different blitzes. Learn simple line calls such as “Tug, Gut, and Moses as well as the Down,” that allow the offense to have blocking angles on any defensive structure which will allow for big plays in the run game. He also discusses in-depth the run progression based on how the defense is reacting to the base play in each family. This DVD will give coaches an inside look at everything you will need to install the Pistol Wing-T run game in your youth program. It can be incorporated into any level that is wanting a consistent progression in teaching the Pistol Wing-T running game. ÿIt gives you a complete step by step process from drills to installation along with the progression of the running game. Coach Stewart does a detailed progression that is second to none. 146 minutes. 2014.