Youth Pistol Wing-T Passing Game



Effectively run 23 passing plays that are easy to implement at the youth level   Implement passing routes that are designed to complement the run game and put the defense into conflict   Implement routes from play-action, quick and sprint out passing “families”   Teach blocking rules for the offensive line and ensure linemen execute their assignment in the passing game   Rick Stewart has a background of working with youth league football. He believes it is the foundation for any successful football program. Coach Stewart takes to the field to explain a step-by-step progression of how to develop a passing game that is built off of the run game. Stewart’s passing game is simplistic enough to be executed at a high level within a youth program. Coach Stewart goes through an overview of the Pistol Wing-T passing, starting with game different rules to use in the passing game. He gives examples of different rules that he has added youth humor to help the players remember their rule. From there, Coach Stewart goes through an in-depth walk-through of the basic pass protections against multiple fronts. He walks you through how to pick up blitzes by the defense while making adjustments to the pass protection with the play-action, chop, and sprint out passing families. Coach Stewart then progresses to the routes, terminology, and adjustments to the play-action game against multiple defensive fronts using the sweep, belly, down, and dive run fits. He shows you different ways of attacking various defenses with the chop passing family, which is similar to the one-step passing game. He does an amazing job of describing how to first exploit defensive backs by using pass plays to the wide receivers followed by the running backs and finally the tight ends. Finally, Coach Stewart does an outstanding job of using the speed of youth quarterbacks with the sprint out family passing routes. This series puts tremendous pressure to protect outside and will allow for the running game to open up in the middle as the outside is attacked with the sprint out family. He also shares the fundamentals for running a great wrap around draw that will help negate a strong pass rush, which gives an offense a way to keep the defense off-balance. Throughout each phase of the passing game Coach, Stewart masterfully walks coaches through the progression of when to call each play based on how the defense is reacting to the run game and how the defense is adjusting to various offensive formations. These adjustments are vital when making game-time decisions that can make the difference on game day. It is all demonstrated on the field and on the whiteboard as the coach presents when and how to make the right pass call fro your team. With an easy to follow approach, Stewart provides an in-depth look at a successful way to have your athletes succeed at the youth level. Implement this approach for your program next season for quick and efficient success. 57 minutes. 2014