Youth Pistol Wing-T Installation & Practice Drills


  • Run a cutting edge offensive scheme that utilizes the Belly, Sweep and Down families to create tremendous misdirection while maintaining a simple scheme that the kids will love.
  • Easily call and use multiple formations without confusing your players.
  • Run dynamic practice drills that create superior execution by getting an incredible number of repetitions every practice.
  • Develop practice strategies that tie the system together and make the difference between winning and losing.

Rick Stewart gives you an overview of the entire Pistol Wing-T Offense, and apply it to your youth football program starting at a 3rd and 4th grade level and scaffolding it to build towards your high school program.

Starting with the philosophy behind the offense, Coach Stewart details how the defense can never be right due to the simply complexity of the play calling embedded in this system. He goes into explicit terminology that is critical to understanding his system. The installation of the Wing-T starts with a power-point of each of the three “families,” Belly, Sweep and Down, before practice video is shown of the drills that make the offense so successful. He explains how he classifies each play into a certain family that incorporates a similar blocking scheme. He gives great coaching points for the quarterback when reading the defense he explains his term “ride and decide” when reading a lineman.

Coach Stewart does a nice job of identifying what the three different Youth levels; Pee Wee’s 3-4, Juniors 5-6, and Seniors 7-8 would be capable of executing within the offense. He also teaches them with no motion in the Lucky and Ringo formation, which is beneficial to the younger levels. He takes it one step further by establishing the practice schedule to set youth programs up for successful implementation and transfer to the field. Coach Stewart has a very detailed approach to practice and scheduling, which he goes over with you on the video. The practice plans are matched with drills that allow you to develop the skills needed to run this offense. The practice drills go in-depth into the small skills like football, cadence rhythm, motion timing, etc. that make this offense effective.

This DVD will give coaches an inside look at everything you will need to install the Pistol Wing-T system into their youth program. This video gives coaches the foundational bedrock needed to understand the entire run, pass, and trick play series. The philosophy, terminology, practice plans, and drills video on this DVD set the stage for full implementation of this system at all youth levels. 149 minutes. 2014.