Youth Football Defensive Pack





3 DVDs and a playbook that has everthing a youth coach from 3rd to 9th grade could ever need.  Odd & Even Fronts, How to Teach Tackling, and all the alignments, drills, blitzes, and stunts drawn up.

  1. Tackling and Pursuit Drills DVD for any defense;
  2. Even Front Defense for Youth Football DVD;  This is a 6-2 defense.
  3. Odd Front Defense for Youth Football DVD;  This is a 5-3 defense in which all the positions and terminology match the Even Front DVD so your players aren’t confused.

The playbook has both defenses drawn up and shows how “Alignment doesn’t change Assignment” so players are never confused when switching seamlessly between defenses.  All the drills needed in practice are also drawn up, including a complete tackling progression, tackling circuits, and tackling drills by position.  There are also the 5 pursuit drills to end every practice.  A 20-practice August schedule and in-season practice schedules are also included.