Worst to First Blueprint for Building a Championship Program DVD




  • Features Rick Stewart who is turning around his fourth program using these principles
  • Discover three critical phases for getting your program turned around
  • Develop a “game plan” for the program that will create structure and instill confidence in your players, parents, and coaching staff
  • Get ideas and suggestions for fostering positive parent/coach relationships


Rick Stewart reveals his plan for everything a coach will need to build a championship program – from player discipline, practice formats, and fundraising ideas to improving relations within the school and in the community.

In this video, Coach Stewart clearly demonstrates why it is important for coaches to “shift from X’s and O’s to psychology.”

Coach Stewart delivers a vast amount of football knowledge pertaining to running a football program. He explains how psychology and working with players, parents and all stakeholders is the key to building a great football program. The blueprint to a championship program is a process that builds upon player development and less on coaching X’s and O’s. There are three phases to Coach Stewart’s plan:

  • See It – Paint a vision for your players, coaches, and community.
  • Believe It – Once everyone believes, it’s time to build the program.
  • Achieve It – Take it to the field; learn to hate to lose and compete in everything, which will help your players learn how to win.

Coach Stewart goes into detail about steps any coach can take to get through these phases with their players. He covers:

  • How you deal with a summer program when you first take over as the coach.
  • What he expects from his staff and the importance of the staff being positive role models for the players.
  • The importance of instilling discipline into a program – even if you meet some initial resistance.
  • How to gain trust and support in the most difficult circumstances.
  • How to handle difficult parents.
  • How to establish a communication plan that keeps everyone aware of what is going on with the program.
  • How to develop an alumni database to help with fundraisers and events.
  • Ways to include the school faculty in your program.
  • And many more!

Coach Stewart gives a monthly calendar that will give you a good idea of how to organize an entire year for your football program.

This video is full of information and ideas for any coach who wants to catapult his program to the championship level!

99 minutes. 2013.