Weakside Run Game




This Course covers the basic components of the weakside run game, including traditional BELLY, COUNTER TREY and SPEED OPTION plays

  • Belly blocking patterns do not change regardless of being under center or in the Gun
    Shotgun Belly has the QB running the ball to a Twins or Trips side, which removes the OLB

There is still the Pre-Snap Screen read out of Gun


This is a “sister” play with Belly as it works to attack the weak side alley.  Coach shows how to put players in conflict by running both Speed & Belly at the weakside D-End.

  • Ran out of Shotgun.
    Love it vs odd fronts.
    TE Trips with Split End on opposite side
    TE/Wing with Twins on opposite side

GT Counter Trey has 4 reads

  • pre snap: Throw the screen
    Post Snap: Hand it off to the counter
    Post Snap: Read the D-End & QB keeps the ball
    Post Snap: Read the D-End for pull & QB potentially pitches off force player

This is Course 4 of the 15-course LEFT COAST SHOTGUN WING-T System