The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Complete Backfield Drills

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Discover a cutting edge offensive scheme that blends the Wing-T with the Pistol formation Get backfield footwork and group drills for all of the Pistol Wing-T plays: Buck Sweep, Down Series, Veer, Counter, Belly, Midline, & Trap Learn the “Racehorse” practice strategy that is designed to get your players’ an incredible number of repetitions in every drill and that delivers superior execution   Take your Wing-T offense to a whole new level by implementing the Pistol Wing-T. You get the same devastating misdirection found in the conventional Wing-T, with all of the advantages of putting the quarterback in the gun. Coach Stewart uses a PowerPoint presentation and live demonstrations to teach you all of the new wrinkles, drills, and concepts in the exciting Wing-T Pistol offense. You will see the backfield footwork for all the Wing-T running plays, as well as his newest version of motion that sends the wing behind the QB instead in front of him. This change adds more misdirection to the Pistol Wing-T, which will create hesitation in any defense. Coach Stewart opens with the Buck Sweep and the 32 G.T. emphasizing that the ball never leaves the quarterback’s belly and that the running backs are responsible for all fakes. Next Stewart shows you the 36 Down, Veer and the Counter and how the same steps are used by the QB in all the plays. The Belly Series includes the G, 28 Option, 28 G Belly, 33 Belly GT and the 41 Trap. Stewart uses the Midline and Veer series out of the Pistol to put additional pressure on the defense. Every day drills are highlighted for each position so that you will have an understanding of specific skills needed to run the offense. Adding plays that require similar footwork for the backfield allows you to efficiently install and practice both traditional Wing-T plays along with outside veer, inside veer and midline. Coach Stewart’s drills teach: Proper backfield alignment for the quarterback and each running back The backfield footwork and the coaching points to execute the motion properly to ensure the defense cannot key on one player various running back drills that involve blocking and running with the ball How to fake hand-offs and use deception to your advantage The “knuckleball” snap that puts the laces into the quarterback’s throwing hand for a quick delivery Practice video is included that shows how Coach Stewart administers each drill and how it is tied to specific plays. Expertly execute your backfield movements this season with excellent deception and timing! 79 minutes. 2013.