The Pistol Wing T Drills Package

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Get SIX Pistol Wing T DVDs plus TWO manuals.  No game film on these DVDs.  This is over 7 hours of drills running on the practice field with Stewart showing you where each drill fits into a Year-Round Practice plan.

  • Wing T O-Line Technique & Drills MANUAL. Everything the Wing T O-Line coach needs. Includes individual & combo drills, practice organization, and all the blocking rules for the Wing T offense.
  • Wing T Skills & Drills MANUAL.  Position drills have drawn up for WR, RB, and QB.  Group Drills all drawn up.  Detailed practice schedules for Spring, Summer, Fall, and In-Season.  Bonus is step-by-step footwork of the backfield on every run play
  • Pistol Wing T O-Line Drills DVD: See all the drills in the manual ran on the practice field by the players.  Stewart explains where the drills fit into the practice schedule
  • Pistol Wing T Backfield Footwork DVD:  Shows the footwork and mesh points in the backfield for all the plays.  Also technique drills for Running backs that can be applied to any offense.
  • Pistol Wing T Passing Drills DVD: QB mechanics drills, followed by WR mechanics & drills to improve in the passing game.  Group passing drills are shown
  • Wing T QB Run Mechanics DVD:  Stewart’s son “bird-dogs” every run play, step-by-step on the field.  Both under center and pistol footwork is shown for every play.
  • Wing T QB Pass Mechanics DVD: Stewart’s son shows drills necessary to make your QB a better passer.  Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, and Footwork drills.
  • Pistol Wing T Year-Round Installation Sequence & Practice Schedule DVD: Stewart walks you through his program in spring, summer, August, and in-season.  He shows the order that he installs the plays and where all the drills fit into the practice plans.  Annual, monthly, and daily practice plans are discussed.

The Manuals are $30 apiece and each DVD retails for $40 a piece. Buy this package and save $130 !!!