The Pistol Wing-T: Complete Passing Game Drills

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Teach and drill the proper quarterback mechanics and footwork for the drop back and sprint out passing games Utilize blocking, route running, and catching drills to develop well-rounded wide receivers Learn eight screens using only three blocking schemes to compliment your Pistol Wing-T package Coach Stewart has used this offensive system to turn around three different schools that had poor records including 0-20, 1-19 and a team that won eight games in the 5 years prior to his arrival. Coach Stewart led each team to the playoffs within his first two seasons at the helm. Rick Stewart uses simple but effective processes for improving quarterback play and his overall passing game. QB DrillsCoach Stewart provides over 20 drills for you to use to help improve quarterback play in the Pistol Wing-T system. He covers mechanics, passes play footwork, runs play footwork and option footwork. Also included are sprint passing techniques, so coaches can improve their play-action passing game. In the Pistol, the quarterback is three yards from the line of scrimmage, so the 1-, 3- and 5-step drops are modified. Stewart explains how and where the quarterback needs to be based on these modifications. He also shows a highly effective approach to finding the open receiver and explains how to teach the quarterback to read defenses. WR DrillsCoach Stewart’s wide receivers drills are a must for any coach who works with receivers. The receiver section contains 15+ drills. The blocking session shows you how receivers stalk and crack. The 2,4,6 and 9 cone drill for receivers is one of the best sets of drills a coach can use to work on cuts, chattering down on breaks, and catching the ball. Stewart does a tremendous job explaining each drill with PowerPoint and practice video. Group Drills, Simulation Drills, Screen Game, Practice ScheduleIn the last section of the video, Coach Stewart gives you quarterback and wide receiver group drills, simulation drills, the screen game, and practice schedule. The simulation drill allows quarterbacks to see where receivers will be at end of their routes and where the open windows will be. You’ll also learn to execute eight screenplays with just three blocking schemes. Coaches will find these drills for mechanics and footwork highly effective easy to install into their daily practice schedule. 69 minutes. 2013.