SSX Strength & Core

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Covers every set, rep, & intensity to build strength and core over a 52- week program. The basic phases of building strength are explained in BASE, STRENGTH, and PEAK phases. There is progressive movement from building strong muscle mass to making that strength functional so that power & explosion can be maximized. Multi-joint & unilateral movements are explained, along with greater incorporation of kettlebell exercises that can be done with dumbells. The importance of building the core is that it connects the upper body to the lower body and cannot be ignored. But the philosophy is simply not to do a bunch of crunches at the end of every workout but to incorporate it into the workout through a combination of ground and upright based movements. After the PowerPoint explanation, all the exercises are laid out in the order that they should be done in an 8-week, 4-day workout cycle. Also, over 40 core exercises are shown by Coach Stewart’s players.