Speed, Strength, & Agility Exercises Video





Over 200 moves used in warmups, abs, lifting, plyometrics, and agility. Also includes 12 short motivational videos.Coach Stewart has turned around 3 losing programs and his current program has won 28 games in 3 years after losing 42 in the 5 years prior to his arrival.  One of the keys has been the weight room.  This DVD is set to music and shows his players demonstrating:1. Thirty Dynamic Warmup exercises2. Forty One Ab & Core exercises3. Forty different lifts shown in Coach Stewart’s unique lifting stations grouped by muscles4. Sample of 5 of the S.S.T. workouts developed by Steve Kenyon.5. Eleven pushup and five back variations6. Nine pullup variations7. Five Complex Lifts (including clean, snatch, squat teaching progressions)8. Twelve Agility exercises9. Ten ladder exercises10. Complete Speed teaching progression Also includes Twelve short motivational videos to show before your weight training class to get them fired up.Goes hand in hand with the Speed, Strength, & Agilitiy Manual.