Quick Passing Game




What happens when you create a system that is rooted in time tested West Coast Passing concepts, while combining modern Spread / RPO principles and traditional Wing-T Gap blocking patterns?



Multiple Formation, Gap Blocking, Quick Passing, PAP / Screen team that uses multiple Tempos

This video series focuses on the quick passing game.  The Quick Game Series is our basic short passing game combining short drops by the QB with quick routes by the WR.  Routes are based on timing.  The Quick Game Series can keep the H Back involved in protection and or release him into the route scheme.  Coach Mathieson uses a traditional progression read in operating his quick game in order to accelerate the decision making process of the QB as he works from one read to the second and so on.  Coach covers the basic principles of the quick game as well as player(s) tags in order to maximize its effectivenss on game night.

starting with the Tight End – Wing Flank:

  • Go
  • Whip
  • Drive

Then progressing to the 2-Receiver Surface:

  • Hitch (stop / fade)
  • Slant – Sail
  • Speed Out (Flat, Launch, Shoot)
  • Vertical  (Under, Out, X)


  • Swing
  • Shoot
  • Seam
  • Texas
  • Option