Pistol Wing T Playbook – 3rd Edition

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This is the playbook that everyone has been waiting for.  After first publishing, the playbook in 2010, running the offense for 4 years and traveling all over the country helping over 30 schools install this explosive offense…Stewart has completely rewritten the playbook.

In Year 1 of running the Pistol Wing T, Stewart’s team ran for 4,300 yards and in Year 2 they passed for 2700 yards.  By placing the FB behind the QB, there was very little change to the wing t attack, however, the option game becomes very, very difficult to defend.  Teams in Ohio, Washington, California, Idaho, and West Virginia are competing in State Championship games.

Rick,  Thanks for all of the great ideas.
We won our Semifinal game Friday night 34-0.  State championship game next Friday.  Thank you for all of your help installing the Pistol Wing T.  It has worked great this season.  Our three back has 2275 yards and 32 TD, both of our wings have right at 13 td and 800 yards.  

Thanks Again
Coach Judd
Okanogan High School

This playbook has over 70 plays and every play has detailed blocking rules vs 4 defenses (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).   All the footwork for the three running backs and the QB are diagrammed for each play.  Run plays include

  • Buck Sweep Series (5 plays + variations);
  • Belly Series (6 plays + variations);
  • Down Series (4 plays + variations);
  • Jet/Rocket (4 plays);
  • Midline/Veer (3 plays);
  • Power Package (12 plays);
  • Trick Plays (12 plays);
  • Combo Plays (8 plays);
  • Screen PASS (6 plays);
  • Draws (3 plays);
  • one step PASS (5 plays); drop back PASS (concepts to attack each coverage); sprint PASS (concepts to attack each coverage).

The play combinations grow with Stewart’s easy to understand the terminology that allows every play to run out of every formation, making 1 play look like 10 to the Defensive Coordinator.  The formations section includes motions. There is a No Huddle Terminology section at the end detailing how to run the No-Huddle in practice and during the games, including audibles at the line of scrimmage. Stewart shows hand signals, cards, and line calls so you can pick what fits your needs.  Gameday play sheets, scouting reports, and 1-page blocking rule summary are included in the Appendix and on a CD-Rom so you can edit everything to fit your needs.