Pistol Wing T Installation Package

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Get Four Pistol Wing T DVDs and the Playbook is FREE !!!

  1. Pistol Wing T Overview DVD:  Formations, terminology, an overview of run & pass game footwork, and summary of practice drills & plans to install the offense.
  2. Pistol Wing T Core Run Plays DVD:  Run plays are drawn up vs odd & even fronts with detailed explanations of footwork.  Game film of every play.
  3. Pistol Wing T Passing Game DVD:  1-step, 3-step, sprint pass, and screens are diagramed, including pass protection.  Game film of every play.
  4. Pistol Wing T Key Breaker/Formation/Trick Plays DVD: Use formations, shifts, motions, trick plays, combo plays to keep the defense honest.  Game film.

These 4 DVDs are the newly released (March 2016) DVDs that replace the original, best-selling DVDs that Stewart made in 2009.

Pistol Wing T Playbook & Installation Manual.  This playbook has 65 plays and every play has detailed blocking rules vs 4 defenses (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).  All the drills needed to run this offense are diagrammed. At the end is the bonus section which includes the scouting sheet that Stewart’s staff uses for film breakdown when scouting the opponent’s defense.  There is a complete day by day installation schedule starting with 10 spring practices, 12 summer practices, 20 August practices, and in-season practices.

The playbook is $30 and each DVD retails for $40 a piece.  Buy this package and save $40.