Pistol Wing T Game Cutups

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2 DVD set of game cutups only. Pressbox & Endzone views. No Audio. Every play has a DVD chapter for easy search. Each DVD is over an hour-long of game cutups of the Pistol Wing T. These cutups are from five different teams running the Pistol Wing T, giving you a great perspective of different nuances of the offense.DISK 1: Run Game Buck Sweep, Guard Trap, Waggle Belly, Tackle Trap, Belly Pass, Belly Option, Belly Sweep Down, Counter, Down Pass, Down Option Jet & Rocket Sweep plus their companion plays Midline, Inside Veer, Outside Veer, Assorted Trick Plays DISK 2 Wraparound Sally (draw play) 1 & 3-step passing game, including perimeter screen game 5-step passing game featuring bunch & crossing routes Sprint Passing Game