Pistol Wing T Four Phase Passing

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This new DVD, released March 2016 replaces the “20 CORE RUN PLAYS” dvd that Stewart made in 2009

Elevate the Pistol Wing-T into a true dual threat offense that will keep defenses from stacking the box.

  • Discover a “20 easy passes per game model” from the Pistol alignment that creates a highly dynamic offense
  • Learn how to use “look-a-like” formations, pre-snap motions, and blocking schemes to put defenders in conflict
  • Create 24 passing play combinations from one basic concept in the Sprint Passing phase

Adding the threat of an effective passing game will open up your Wing-T running plays while also giving you the option to take advantage of an over-aggressive defense that has committed to plugging the run. Rick Stewart shows you his four phase passing game that can put four receivers into routes at any time, along with the screen and draw plays he uses to counter defensive pressure.

Four Phase Passing Attack

Coach Stewart uses whiteboard diagrams in addition to game film from the numerous teams that have already successfully incorporated the Pistol Wing T. You will learn play options in each of the four phases to the passing game through a breakdown of these game situations. Coach Stewart discusses protection schemes for your linemen and illustrates multiple route options for your receivers.

  • Play Action: The perfect counter for teams that are loading the box to take away your running game. Coach Stewart shows you how to set these plays up to fool the defense and free up an open receiver.
  • Quick Drops: Learn how to use the purple blocking scheme used to pick up blitzes, as well as receiver routes used for consistent five yard pick ups, with these plays based on a 1-3 step drop.
  • Drop Back: Take advantage of crossing concepts with deep routes. Coach Stewart will show you the white and gray protection schemes based on the tailback helping as a blocker.
  • Sprint Passing Game: Combine the “Flood” concept with several different formations for 24 different play options.

Screen and Draw Package

When teams plan to take away your passing game, you will need go-to options to counter the defense. Coach Stewart shows you a series of five screen and draw plays that allow you to set up fast sideline-to-sideline pursuing defenses by taking advantage of their pursuit and countering them back to another part of the field.

Install a passing game that can put a lot of points on the scoreboard through the use of multiple formations, misdirection and motions that put defenders in conflict by using their techniques or assignments against them.

114 minutes. 2016.

“We installed Coach Stewart’s Pistol Wing T system and went from 4-6, averaging 20 points a game, and 2400 yards of offense to 8-2, averaging 35 points a game, and 4800+ yards.ÿ This offense sets your play makers up to make plays and keeps defenses on their heels.”
Jerry Hudnell, Head Football Coach
Lake Placid High School (FL)

“We have made the Ohio playoffs three years in a row, twice have been in the top 10 scoring average in school history, broke a 25 year record by having the leading rusher in school history, and also have the leading receiver in school history. Our quarterback is 2nd in school history for touchdown passes.ÿCoach Stewart is a great teacher of the offense, and his enthusiasm is contagious.”
Tony Flaig, Offensive Coordinator
Hamilton High School (OH)