Pistol Wing T Formations, Combo Packages, & Trick Plays

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This new DVD, released March 2016 replaces the “TRICK PLAYS” dvd that Stewart made in 2009.

  • Learn 15 play formations that will confuse the defense, force them to make mistakes, and result in big plays
  • Discover an effective short yardage package to gain critical yards even when the defense is stacking the box
  • Learn how to use false keys to get the defense out of position and away from the play you call

“Coach Stewart does an amazing job sharing his bag of tricks in this video. I walked way entire impressed with how complete this offensive system feels with all of these additional components that can really take your Wing T system to the next level. For anyone looking to run this offense, this video did not feel like an optional purchase at all!” – Customer Review

Rick Stewart shares how to make your playbook look impossibly big through changes in formations and incorporating tactics such as motions, shifts, combo plays and false keys. Additionally, you will learn how to handle special situations with short yardage plays and Coach Stewart’s personal library of trick plays.

These components are something you can add over multiple seasons as your program continues to master their understanding of the Pistol Wing-T offense.

You will see whiteboard diagrams, computer simulations, player demonstrations, and game film that help you visualize the blocking assignments and reads necessary to make these plays work.

  • Formations – You will learn how to sprint out of the huddle into 15 different formations that help gain easy yardage off of defenses that cannot adjust quickly enough. Running the same plays out of these different formations expands your playbook and makes it impossible for opponents to adequately prepare for you in only a few days.
  • Short Yardage Plays – Every coach needs reliable options to punch the ball through the defense for those situations with 1-2 yards to go. Coach Stewart shows five plays in the “Thumper” and “Tubby” formations to help you claim those precious yards.
  • Motions & Shifts – This additional layer of pre-snap movements will make your offense unpredictable. The defense will be in a state of confusion as they try to match up to multiple formations and players in motion before the ball snaps. Putting players in motion will also give you a tool for studying how the defense adjusts and can help you find weaknesses to exploit over the course of the game.
  • False Keys – Defenses that are coached well will have certain reads they will execute flawlessly. Mixing in false keys with your guards will make the defense second guess their reads and can open up holes for defenders that continue to bite on misdirections.
  • Trick Plays – Coach Stewart shows you the best trick plays he has collected over his career to give you an arsenal of nine plays that will help you pick up big yards in clutch situations. These trick plays give you a diverse number of options to attack the defense in ways that the opponent will never see coming.
  • Read Plays & No Huddle Audibles – These plays allows you to quickly line up so the quarterback can read the defense and decide how to attack.
  • Combo Plays – For the advanced Pistol Wing-T coach, Coach Stewart shows you how to merge your favorite play actions to attack the defense on either side of the line of scrimmage. Based on reading the defense in 10 different plays, you can run or pass in either direction within the same play!

Adding these extra features to your Pistol Wing-T offense will dramatically increase the stress levels of opposing coaches!

117 minutes. 2016.

“We had three teams win state championships this year (2015) running this offense. There are 80 teams – that I know of – who’ve made the playoffs. We have made significant updates to this offense since our videos were first released in 2012.”
Rick Stewart

“In one season we improved from 1,780 total offensive yards to 4,433 by implementing the Pistol Wing-T. I attribute all of the success we had to following the practice plans, rules, and procedures that are laid out in the manuals and DVDs.”
Eddie Cunningham, Offensive Coordinator
Fayetteville High School (TN)