Pistol Wing T Core Running Game

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This new DVD, released March 2016 replaces the “20 CORE RUN PLAYS” DVD that Stewart made in 2009.

The QB reads unblocked defenders on NINE of the running plays.  This always makes the defense wrong.

This new DVD shows all the updates that Stewart has made after running the offense for 7 years and installing at 40 camps across the country.  Teams in North Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia have won or played for state championships.  This new DVD contains updates & adjustments that coaches from all over the country have made to Stewart’s system, making the PISTOL WING T SYSTEM even tougher to stop.

The RUN GAME DVD covers the following plays:

  • Buck Sweep, Guard Trap, Power, Buck Counter.
  • Belly, Tackle Trap, Sweep…QB can turn Belly & Trap into Belly Option on every play
  • Down, Counter, Sweep…QB can turn Down & Counter into Down Option on every play
  • Jet & Rocket…QB reads ILB or the End on Jet
  • Midline, Inside Veer, and Outside Veer

You’ll learn the details of each play series through a combination of whiteboard diagrams, player demonstrations, and game film from teams around the country that successfully run the Pistol Wing-T. In each play, Coach Stewart explains important aspects to the running game such as:

  • WHITEBOARD: Stewart shows hoe to run every play out of multiple formations; Draws up the blocking vs odd & even fronts
  • ON THE FIELD: Watch Stewart install every play on the field at his camps using players who are in day 1 of learning the offense.
  • GAME FILM: See clips from over 20 teams so you see the adjustments that coaches from all over the country have made to the offense.

137 minutes. 2016.

“In our third year running the offense, we won our first-ever conference championship as a co-op. We went undefeated in the regular season and 13-1 overall losing in the state championship game. We rushed for 4,354 yards (4th in the state for all divisions) and 62 touchdowns.”
Hancel Phipps, Offensive Coordinator
Wake Forest High School (NC)

“We have never averaged more than 2.4 yards per carrying and this year we averaged 4.6 yards per carrying. We averaged over 317 yards per game in 2015, and 207 of the yards were rushing!”
Phil Marino, Head Football Coach
Columbus High School (GA)