Offensive Line Manual for the WING-T Offense



THIS IS A HARD COPY BOOK that was finished in January 2017 and is 220 pages.

This binder comes with a link to download grading sheets, player evaluations, and blocking rules for you to edit.

The downloadable pdf O-Line Manual has 75 pages and was written in 2009.

This manual is a systematic way to teach offensive linemen in any man blocking offensive scheme.  The linear teaching progression, as well as the practice organization, can be used in any type of offense.  This manual will show you how to organize practice and make your drill progressions more efficient. While this manual specifically focuses on the wing-T system, the drills, skills, and coaching points taught are effective in any offensive scheme. The blocking techniques include sound principles of offensive line play, regardless of scheme, and can be used with the I, option, zone, or any other offensive philosophy.

The performance of the offensive line is perhaps the most important ingredient in an efficient offense. They must be a cohesive unit that is intelligent and skilled at their craft.  This manual will show in great detail how to master iso schemes, power schemes, the ability to zone block, mobility to pull and log or trap, and the ability to be an effective pass blocker.

SECTION ONE:  Introduction to the Offense

Ch 1) Philosophy and principals on how to run the Wing T offense.  The terminology of the PISTOL WING T system is explained

Ch 2) Personnel, alignment, Tackle over formations, huddle, and snap count

Ch 3) Practice organization, linear teaching progression, and drill organization

SECTION TWO: Run Blocking

Ch 4) Stance, footwork, technique, and how to snap

Ch 5) INDIVIDUAL BLOCKS: On, Reach, Cut, Fill for Puller, Escape to Backer, and down blocks.  Then the pulls, logs, and hook blocks.  How to teach it using bags and a sled.

Ch 6) COMBINATION BLOCKS: Double Teams, Scoop, Cross Blocks.

SECTION THREE: Pass Blocking

Ch 7) PASS BLOCKING TECHNIQUE:  Post, Kick, Balance, Hand Punch

Ch 8) LIVE PASS PRO DRILLS including all the rules of blitz pickup

SECTION FOUR: Practice Organization

Ch 9) GROUP & TEAM DRILLS: Guard Trap drill, Buck Drill, Boot Pass Drill, Half Line Drills to teach Iso, Down, Midline, & Veer

Ch 10) INSTALLATION SEQUENCE and PRACTICE SCHEDULES to cover 10 spring, 6 summers, 20 August, and in-season schedule.  40 practice schedules in all!!!

Ch 11) STRENGTH & CONDITIONING:  This chapter will help all your athletes but is focused on what an O-Linemen should be doing in the weight room.

SECTION FIVE: Run Game Blocking

Ch 12 & 13) BLOCKING TERMINOLOGY:  Every blocking rule for every play is explained

SECTION SIX: Pass Protections

Ch 13-Ch 17) PASS PROTECTIONS:  Play action, sprint out, drop back, draws, and screens.

SECTION SEVEN: Appendix with all the forms you need to coach O-Line