No Huddle and Post Snap Reads



Force opposing defenses to play “five quarters of football” using an up-tempo, no-huddle Wing-T Offense

  • Utilize three different tempos for the no-huddle offense
  • Implement blocking schemes that provide an extra blocker on the linebackers
  • Get more reps in practice with a no-huddle system – your practice is conditioning

Rick Stewart, one of the most highly successful high school coaches in the country, takes you through his up-tempo “NASCAR pace” offense. This no-huddle attack with post-snap reads will create an imbalance for every defense you face. Increased plays, counters for every defense, reads for every defense, and formations to create mismatches are all on display.

Coach Stewart begins with his post-snap reads for the essential Wing-T plays: Belly, Down, Tackle Trap, Quick Trap, and jet.

Stewart has eliminated the option call and turned these plays to a true read concept by his quarterback. Now you do not have to wait to call the option if the defense is cheating to these plays. You force them to play assignment football and defend the option on every play, allowing your quarterback to take advantage of what the defense is giving you each snap.

Five post-snap reads are explained for each play.

Coach Stewart details the alignment and assignment of each position to include which player you read when pitching the football.

These reads add an element to your scheme that will always allow the defense to be wrong.

Moving into the up-tempo portion of the video,

Coach Stewart takes you through every aspect of his up-tempo no-huddle philosophy for instant results. He gives you six reasons why you should run the no-huddle tempo offense. He points out you get more snaps, wear out the opponent’s defense, your practice conditioning, more reps in practice, easier to run your two minutes, and easier to audible. Coach takes you from signals to snap counts all the way to the way your categorize and call your plays.

The no-huddle installation is broken down into three types of tempos; Red, Yellow, and Green Light tempos. These tempos allow coaches and players to go as fast as they want and still get in the best plays for critical situations.

Coach Stewart ends with various unbalanced formations to create defensive mismatches The newly implemented pace to Coach Stewart’s offense and the post-snap reads elevate his offense to even greater heights. This high-octane philosophy is sure to present defensive coordinators with fits. Take this DVD home today and install a program that is sure to get your offense up-tempo and up-to-date.

68 minutes. 2014