Four Manual Package






Over 70 plays with detailed blocking rules vs four defenses (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).   All the footwork for the three running backs and the QB are diagrammed for each play.  Run plays include

  • Buck Sweep Series (5 plays + variations);
  • Belly Series (6 plays + variations);
  • Down Series (4 plays + variations);
  • Jet/Rocket (4 plays);
  • Midline/Veer (3 plays);
  • Power Package (12 plays);
  • Trick Plays (12 plays);
  • Combo Plays (8 plays);
  • Screen PASS (6 plays);
  • Draws (3 plays);
  • one step PASS (5 plays); drop back PASS (concepts to attack each coverage); sprint PASS (concepts to attack each coverage).

The formations section includes motions. There is a No Huddle Terminology section at the end detailing how to run the No-Huddle in practice and during the games, including audibles at the line of scrimmage. Stewart shows hand signals, cards, and line calls so you can pick what fits your needs.  Gameday play sheets, scouting reports, and 1-page blocking rule summary are included in the Appendix and on a CD-Rom so you can edit everything to fit your needs.


All the installation drills and practice schedules needed to run this offense are diagrammed.  At the end is the bonus section which includes the scouting sheet that Stewart’s staff uses for film breakdown when scouting the opponent’s defense. There is a complete day by day installation schedule starting with 10 spring practices, 12 summer practices, 20 August practices, and in-season practices.  It comes with CD-Rom so everything can be customized to fit your needs.


Everything the Wing T O-Line coach needs. Includes individual & combo drills, practice organization, and all the blocking rules for the Wing T offense coach Stewart has turned around 3 losing programs and his current program has won 28 games in 3 years after losing 42 in the 5 years prior to his arrival. His offense scored 500 points and averaged 400 yards this season and that doesn’t happen without a dominating line. This season’s Porterville team rushed for 4,300 yards. The manual covers: 1. Individual techniques using bags & sled. 2. Combination blocks. 3. Practice plans and drill organization. 4. Blocking rules for all Wing T plays. 5. Grading sheets.


Over 30 plays and every play has detailed blocking rules vs odd & even defenses. All the backfield footwork is diagrammed with QB under center and in the pistol formation.  Run plays include

  • Buck Sweep Series (3 plays);
  • Belly Series (5 plays);
  • Down Series (4 plays);
  • Jet/Rocket (4 plays);
  • Power Package (4 plays);
  • Trick Plays (4 plays);
  • Draws; one step PASS (2 plays); sprint PASS.

Not only is every play drawn up vs 4 different defenses (6-2; 5-3; Bear; 5-3 Shaded)….but every play has a PeeWee (4th grade), Junior (6th grade), and Senior (8th grade) version.  So actually every play is drawn up TWELVE different ways!