Rick Stewart understands the importance of the youth football program to help build all of the fundamentals needed to succeed – not only for the player, but for the program they are involved in. Using multiple presentation slides and on the field demonstrations, Coach Stewart takes you through each position of an odd front defense and what adjustments are made versus various offensive formations. He includes his blitz package showing you 1-, 2- and 3-linebacker blitzes.

Coach Stewart begins with an overview of philosophical beliefs, both as a coach and as a defensive coach, that you can incorporate into your program. Stewart then takes you through his odd front defense and what makes it unique verses an even front. Each position and their alignment is then broken down in detail through on screen diagrams and on field demonstrations. He stresses the importance of containing the perimeter at the youth level. Coach uses various formations so you are prepared for anything that is thrown out to you by an opposing offense. Coach teaches his shotgun approach to rep both offensive schemes, while emphasizing more defensive schematics.

Stewart continues his detail presentation, by focusing on the various fronts and slants you can present out of the odd front defense, even at the youth level. Blitzes and techniques are displayed on the field for easy implementation. One important aspect of any defense is how well you flow to the ball. Stewart breaks down each defensive position and discusses how to defend three types of flow; full flow, option full and counter flow in the odd front defense.

Stewart moves into the secondary to discuss route progression. He focuses on the basic routes a youth player may be presented with at their level. Stewart gives great coaching progressions for every player to be successful and gain confidence. All coverages are given in detail.

Coach Stewart presents his 6-step sequence to proper tackling, as well as his team tackling circuit that can be taught with or without pads on. The Funnel Drill is a high intensity drill that will make your players physical enough to stop any running attack. This drill has been one that is successful for coach year in and year out. Stewart shares five pursuit drills he closes practice to emphasize the proper flows and pursuit to the football to get 11 hats on the ball. In addition, he explains why they take the place of wind sprints.

This an unprecedented look into implementing an effective fundamental defense at the youth level.

120 minutes. 2013