DVD #8 Defending the Wing-T





Rick Stewart, the mastermind of the Pistol Wing-T, will take you on an inside look on how to stop this high potent offense. What better way to stop the wing-T than listening to a coach who knows this offense inside and out?

  • WING-T SERIES: Fly sweep, buck sweep, down, and belly.
  • Describes which defenders are placed in conflict and how to defeat it.
  • Formations are shown in order for you to align your defense properly.
  • Blocking assignments of each play are drawn out so DL can beat each blocking scheme.
  • How to defeat down and escape to backer blocks.
  • How to react to pulling linemen and using motion as early tendencies.
  • Blitzes & stunts are shown that gives Wing-T offenses fits.

Coach Stewarts weekly practice plan in preparation for a Wing-T team is discussed and can be essential for a successful week. By organizing your practice to defensive reads and how to blitz the Wing T you will be better prepared come game night.
If you face the difficult Wing-T throughout the season, this DVD is a must have. One of the most successful Wing-T coaches in the nation takes you on an all-access look on how to defend the Wing-T.

131 minutes. 2013