DVD #7 Defending the Pistol & Spread Offenses




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Rick Stewart methodically dissects the pistol offense into formations and backfield, pass plays and run plays showing you the keys to stopping one of the most difficult offenses.
Outlines and answers the `what ifs’ of the complete Pistol option package, Stewart peels away the layers and exposes us to the core and weakness of each play

  • Jet Read
  • Midline/Veer Option
  • Inside or Outside Zone
  • Play Action Pass
  • One Step Catch and Release
  • Boot off Inside Zone

There are a total of 6 run play categories and another 6 pass play categories
Coach Stewart explains which alignments cause the greatest difficulties for the pistol.

  • zone scheme
  • power scheme
  • veer option scheme
  • spread passing game.

The zone plays can often look the same to a defense and Stewart explains where to begin your defensive read progression.
One unique aspect of this video is that he provides you with how he breaks down different Pistol formations into Hudl.
The various Gang Green coverages are matched with 3-step and 5-step passing concepts.
This DVD could be used by Offensive Coordinators who what to learn more about running the Pistol offense.