• Situational tackling by position and as a team using these drills and circuits
  • Create and design drills based on your defensive playbook
  • Use team pursuit drills to teach “attack and swarm” the ball carrier
  • Practice plans break down yearly, seasonal, daily and position drill planning
  • Annual installation schedule showing order to put it all in.

Defensive Line

  • Demonstrate the STING progression to get separation from O-Line.
  • Improve attacking angles by reading the offensive line’s steps and blocks.
  • Neutralize & shed the blocker while getting into proper tackling angle.


  • Fit into the proper gaps & make tackles while “fill-scrape-fill”

Defensive Backs

  • DB learn to shed blocks, pursue the ball and make tackles
  • Often ignored technique of tackling a WR after the catch.
  • Proper pursuit and run fits on perimeter and middle runs

Team Tackling

  • 6-step Tackling Technique that can be taught in shorts in team setting.
  • 4-station Tackling Circuit using 12 drills that doubles as a conditioning drill
  • Use of “double whistle” to get 11 helmets to the ball.
  • 5 pursuit drills to end practice so your team conditions with a purpose.

131 minutes. 2013