Rick Stewart updates his very successful 4-2-5 Gang Green defense adding pattern reads and robber coverages within the secondary, making this defense even more formidable. In addition if you have watched previous “Gang Green 4-2-5” videos, Coach Stewart covers some changes and improvements they have made in the past couple of seasons.

  • A New revolver coverage and Cover 3 vs. various formations and tailored for high school teams.
  • S & OLB pattern read #2 WR, while CB reads #1 WR.
  • Split Field alignment requiring the DB to only recognize 5 offense formation possibilities, which makes it easier for coaches to teach their linebackers and defensive backs how to handle combination routes and identify their individual zones.
  • Known for his attention to detail Coach Stewart walks you through every route possibility for each defensive back and linebacker discussing reads and responsibilities.
  • Robber coverage explained and demonstrated in detail through interactive presentation showcasing alignments and technique. Each read and position is broken down in detail.
  • Coach ends with an inside look at a cover 2 scheme to put in place as an added tool for the defensive coverage tool box.

The Revolver & Robber Concepts are great ways to disguise coverages, confuse the QB, and making sure that the “defense is always right” since they are reacting to what the offensive WR does.

82 minutes. 2012