DVD #4 OLB & DBs: Squeeze Windows & Set Boundaries



Simple alignment rules and limited assignment changes for his DBs and OLBs.

  • Cover 2, 3, and 4, with cloud and sky concepts, with limited changes for the outside linebackers and defensive backs.
  • Great deal of time spent on route combinations and how they are handled in each coverage as well as run fits and technique that are interchangeable between coverage schemes.
  • Stewart shows how Every Day Drills are designed to simulate game situations. 4 backpedal drills, 5 tackling drills, and seven coverage drills for 1-,3-, and 5-step routes.
  • OLB drills concentrate on defeating four types of blocks, pass coverage and tackling.
  • All the drills are drawn up on the whiteboard and followed up with on-field video of players executing each drill.
  • Defensive back pursuit drills are shown on the field and embody the motto, “11 helmets, 1 poor soul”.
  • This multiple defense allows your secondary to spend time mastering simple assignments while your opponent spends time preparing for multiple defensive strategies

86 minutes. 2012