DVD #3 Inside Linebackers: Fill Open Windows



Easy to understand terminology, allows 20 technique linebackers in all 3 defenses to make clean reads, react aggressively, and fill alleys at the proper angles. (“Fast” vs “Tough”). Stewart uses PowerPoint diagrams, practice demonstrations and game footage – with both end zone and sideline angles – to show you the proper coaching points and practice drills that will allow your inside linebackers to play fast and aggressive.
Coach Stewart diagrams his daily window drills with six different run fits that teach linebackers how to read guards and react to blocking schemes.

  • The all-important “Fill, Scrape, Fill” technique used on inside runs
  • The difference between “Fast-Ball” and “Bounce and Flow” keys
  • Team run fits for fast, split, and counter flow provide a big picture view of inside linebacker in this scheme.

Tackling drills are diagrammed and shown that specifically reinforce techniques for inside linebackers.

Pass drops and blitz schemes are diagrammed, shown on practice field, and followed up with game film. Spot Dropping while reading the #3 defender, understanding the “Rally Zone” concept, and when to use “Jump” calls to shut down the quick passing game. Linebackers gain confidence knowing that they only have to defend a 10-yard box. They also have green light “sprint blitz” to contain a quarterback sprinting or booting out of the pocket.
These drills and techniques will help you develop the complete inside linebacker that plays fast and aggressive. It is not only for coaches wanting to run the 4-4 or 3-4 schemes, it is also ideal for any coach wanting to improve the play of their inside linebacker play.

57 minutes. 2012