Coaching the Wing T QB



Learn how to develop a dual-threat quarterback that will maximize the effectiveness of the Pistol Wing-T offense.

  • Synchronize the footwork and timing of your backfield players to maximize the deception of your fakes and handoffs
  • Learn how to perfect the throwing motion and passing footwork of your quarterback to expand your play options in the Pistol Wing-T
  • Develop a year-round practice approach to building a quarterback

The Pistol Wing-T can accommodate programs that aren’t fortunate enough to have a big-time player at quarterback every season. However, make no mistake, the quarterback is the key to making this offense run. You need a savvy player with the unselfishness and intelligence to consistently make the plays that will get you the most yards.

Rick Stewart believes that if you can find the person with the right character traits, you can develop the athletic qualities they need to excel at the quarterback position. This video will show you the footwork for different Wing-T run plays, throwing mechanics with footwork, reads a quarterback must make, and practice drills needed to produce the caliber of quarterback who can lead your team to victory.

Running Game Footwork – DVD #1

Coach Stewart breaks down the intricacies of the footwork and technique needed by your backfield players to execute the Pistol Wing-T running game. Using PowerPoint diagrams and player demonstration, you will learn how to perform the steps, fakes, and hand-offs in the plays within the Buck, Belly, Down, Jet, and Veer families. You will see how these plays can be run under the center or from the Pistol formation. Mastering these techniques will help your backfield maximize their speed and deception to pressure the defense.

Passing Game Mechanics – DVD #2

The Wing-T offense is brought to life by a quarterback who can distribute the ball through the passing game. Learn how to help your quarterbacks perfect their throwing mechanics through a variety of breakdown drills. Over 20 drills will instill confidence in your players so they can operate with the ball in their hands.

These drills help by isolating specific aspects of the throwing motion, such as wrist and elbow mechanics and throwing from different body angles. You will also see the footwork for dropping back various distances as well as throwing on the run with proper sprint mechanics.

Coach Stewart uses diagrams, explanations, and videos to demonstrate footwork for quarterbacks and running backs. He uses the familiar language of the Wing-T used by Delaware, who made Wing-T play calling famous. Coach Stewart also explains how he has changed the language to fit his high school program.

Developing the type of quarterback who will one day be able to lead your team is an investment. Coach Stewart walks you through the details to each of the four phases of his year-round practice plan and discusses how your quarterbacks should read a variety of defensive coverages based on the type of passing play you want to run.

“Coach Stewart has an understanding of (the Pistol Wing-T) offense the way Stephen Hawking understands theoretical physics.” – customer review

2-DVD Set (143 minutes). 2016.