Championship Youth Football Even Front Defense





Play even front defense with the benefit of a nose tackle and an angle scheme that confuses youth blocking schemes Develop a bend but don’t break mentality that shuts down the big play Use linebacker blitzes to create havoc against even the best offensive scheme Implement a tackling circuit that takes the place of conditioning and trains your defense to swarm to the ball Rick Stewart has taken his Gang Green 4-2-5 defense and made it a success at the high school level. In this exceptional football DVD, Coach Stewart shows you the principles that have made his gang green defense a success, and how to implement this easily at a youth level. He uses a plethora of on-field videos to demonstrate all of the drills, stunts, and blitzes so coaches can see the proper way to teach heads-up tacking along with the fundamentals of defensive play. Coach Stewart begins with a philosophical look at alignments and the basis of this gap control defense. He does an excellent job of introducing the terminology, alignments and responsibilities through multimedia slides and on field demonstrations. You’ll see the proper flows for defensive linemen to the inside linebackers all the way back to the secondary. Any championship defense must be able to defend three types of flow; full flow, option full and counter flow pursuit to the ball. Coach Stewart breaks down the proper flows for defensive linemen to the inside linebackers all the way back to the secondary. In each position you’ll learn how all types of flow are handled in the even front defense. Coach then moves to the secondary as he moves through the route progressions and routes that are mainly used on the youth level. Multimedia and on field demonstrations give you a great look on how to teach your young athletes to be successful. Coverages are then broken down that are built for success once again at the youth level. Blitzes that are used within those coverages are shown at a simplistic level. Coach Stewart presents his 6-step sequence to proper tackling, as well as his team tackling circuit that can be taught with or without pads on. The Funnel Drill is a high intensity drill that will make your players physical enough to stop any running attack. This drill has been one that is successful for coach year in and year out. Stewart shares five pursuit drills he closes practice to emphasize the proper flows and pursuit to the football to get 11 hats on the ball. In addition, he explains why they take the place of wind sprints. Coach Stewart does an amazing job of showing how an even front defense aligns to any offense and how to recognize formations for proper alignments. He creates an easy set of rules for his back 8 to align to any formation. This scheme is easy to understand and the teaching progression is set up to use practice time in an efficient way. 149 minutes. 2014.