Attack 3-4 Defense with Pistol Wing T

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From off-season to weekly game plan to Friday Night, Coach Stewart shows how he attacks 3-4 defenses and Cover 2 & 4.

Coach Stewart shows how he attacks the 3-4 defense, which is today’s version of the “okie monster” 5-2 defenses of the ’70s.

  • Off Season Scouting: In the spring Stewart self scouts how he attacked each team on his schedule since their “wing t” defense is usually not what you see in trade. Reacting diagrams, down & distance charts, and personnel are all stored in a file to save time when he faces that team in the upcoming season.
  • In Season Scouting: Stewart shows you his weekly plan after you trade films. He diagrams the best plays & formations to run against the 3-4
  • Post Game Scout & Analysis: See how quickly you can grade your players and analyze what you need to work on in the upcoming week. Stewart starts with formations & motions to determine how the safeties are going to play. Could roll into a Cover 3. The place to start is by putting the OLB in conflict.

Plays are diagrammed on the board and then game film shown as he starts off tackle versus this defense. After getting the OLB to be aggressive, then Stewart hits him with a perimeter attack that includes option & passes into the flats. False pulls are also good versus the two 20-shade inside linebackers who should be reading guards.

All of Stewart’s favorite Cover 2 and Cover 4 beaters are diagramed and followed up with game film. Also, use of motion to force the safeties to invert or roll into a Cover 3 so that we can attack the worst Corner

95 minutes. 2013.