A-Z Read & React 4-2-5 Defensive Package from Youth to High School

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Your Players Can’t Play FAST if They Are Thinking

Blend the 4-4, 4-2-5, and 3-4 Defenses Together Through an Amazingly Simple Concept !
Your Front 6 Never Change Jobs or Assignments in Any of the 3 Defenses !
Assignment is Based on How the Offense Lines Up – No More Guessing !
Every Player Job is a Reaction Off of the Offensive Player – Stimulus Response
This package has everything that Stewart has made on the Gang Green Defense.  12 DVDs, 2 Playbooks, Free Shipping, and Stewart’s new interactive playbook for the ipad.  This interactive book has text, diagrams, video, and powerpoint all bundled into an ipad book and will be available in April 2015.

  • Terminology and the Base Plan DVD; Inside Linebacker DVD; Defensive Line DVD; Outside Linebacker & Defensive Backs DVD;
  • How to Defend the Wing T and Double Wing DVD;  How to Defend Pistol and Spread DVD;
  • Pattern Reads and Robber Coverage DVD;
  • Tackling & Pursuit Drills DVD
  • High School Game Film DVD.
  • On Field Camp Video of Stewart Installing the Defense

The High School playbook has all 3 defenses drawn up and shows how “Alignment doesn’t change Assignment” so players are never confused when switching seamlessly between defenses. All the drills needed in practice are also drawn up, including a complete tackling progression, tackling circuits, and tackling drills by position. There are also the 5 pursuit drills to end every practice. Spring, Summer, August, and in-season practice schedules are also included
This Youth defense easily allows your players to run an odd and even front defense with no confusion because “Alignment doesn’t change Assignment”.  The playbook will show how to align to every offensive formation using 1 or 2 simple rules for each position so players can easily remember.  Every position is broken down with drills to teach those positions along with the “calls” that those players need to learn.  Team drills include 5 pursuit drills, 16 tackling drills, perimeter run, inside run, and how to defend option.  Cover 0 man, 1 man, and 3 are diagrammed against every route combination.

  • Youth Odd Defense DVD;  Youth Even Defense DVD;

Both playbooks comes with a CD-Rom with editable forms so you can customize it to your program. This package also has all 14 Powerpoints on a CD-Rom.
Also included is 1-year access to Stewart’s Gang Green HUDL account that has games from teams all over the country cutup by play and defense.  24/7 access to film of teams from all over the country running the offense.
Each DVD sells seperately for $40 and the books are $30 apiece.  This $460 package is selling for $340, over $150 in savings when you figure in the free shipping and free ipad book

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