A-Z Pistol Wing T Package from Youth to High School



This package has everything that Stewart has made on the Pistol Wing T.  23 DVDs, 4 books, access to the HUDL account, and Stewart’s new interactive playbook for the iPad.  This interactive book has text, diagrams, video, and PowerPoint all bundled into an iPad book and will be available in August 2016.  This package comes with Free Shipping.

The 4 INSTALLATION PACK DVDs are the new DVDs that were released in March 2016.  Each DVD is 2 hours long, has Stewart installing every play on the field at one of his summer camps, and there is the game film of every play from teams all over the country.  Literally every PowerPoint and video clip from the original 4 DVDs that were filmed in 2009 have been changed.  There are ZERO comparisons to those original DVDs.

The 2-DVD QB DVD was also released in 2016 and shows the footwork for every play under center and from the Pistol.  There is also a FB and a Wing, so you really see the entire backfield footwork. The 2nd DVD shows all the techniques and drills to teach a kid how to throw a football followed by the footwork on dropping back to pass.

4-DVD INSTALLATION PACK: Terminology and the Base Plan DVD; Run Plays DVD; Passing Game DVD; Trick Plays, Formations, & Key Breaker DVD;
4-DVD DRILLS PACK: Offensive Line Drills DVD; Backfield Drills DVD; QB / WR Drills DVD; Installation sequence and Practice Plans DVD;4-
4-DVD ATTACK PACK: Attack the 3-3 Defense DVD; Attack the 4-3 Defense DVD; Attack the 3-4 Defense DVD; Attack the 4-4 Defense DVD;
2-DVD QB DVD:  This is the new DVD that Stewart made in 2016. It shows run game footwork under center & in pistol. The 2nd DVD is throwing mechanics.
No Huddle and Post Snap Reads DVD;
Installing the Midline and Veer into the Wing T Attack DVD:  This is a clinic talk that is only sold on this website.
2-DVD of GAME FILM: Pistol Wing T Run Plays Game Film DVD and Pistol Wing T Pass Plays Game Film DVD (a 2-DVD set).  only sold on this website.
Camp Installation DVD.  This shows Stewart on the field installing every play, running every drill at the 40+ camps that he has done all over the country. only sold on this website.
4-DVD YOUTH SERIES: Installing the Wing T at Youth Level DVD; Youth Wing T Run Plays DVD; Youth Wing T Pass Plays DVD; Trick Plays for Youth Football DVD;
Second Edition Playbook;  This is updated from the 2010 edition.  Very detailed blackwork footwork on every play; Expanded audible/No Huddle section; Every play now has unblocked defenders that the QB reads.  only sold on this website.
Wing T Practice Manual;  This has text, pictures, & diagrams of stance, footwork, individual drills for Backs, Quarterbacks, & WR.  Includes 50 Practice Plans, Player Evaluations, Scout Sheets, and Game Day Playsheets.  only sold on this website.
Offensive Line Drills & Technique Manual.  This has text, pictures, & diagrams of stance, footwork, individual drills, combo drills, sled & bag work, and all the blocking rules. only sold on this website.
Youth Wing T Playbook, Drills, & Installation Manual.  Has every play drawn up vs 4 defenses?  The playbook is divided into 3 sections: PeeWee (4th grade), Juniors (6th grade), and Senior (8th grade).  only sold on this website.

Every one of the 4 Manuals comes with a CD-Rom with editable forms so you can customize it to your program. This package also has all 26 Powerpoints on a CD-Rom.  You can only get these manuals from this website.  Coach Stewart does not sell the manuals on any other site.

Also included is 1-year access to Stewart’s Pistol Wing T HUDL account that has over 100 games cutup by play and defense.  24/7 access to film of teams from all over the country running the offense.

You only get access to the HUDL account if you buy all the PISTOL WING T DVDs from Coach Stewart.

Each DVD sells separately for $40 and the books are $30 apiece.  This $730 package is selling for $550, over $200 in savings when you figure in the free shipping and free iPad book.

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