4-2-5 Outside LB and DB Play

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Discover a simplistic approach to a system that will appear complex to your opponents Keep alignments and assignments simple while running multiple coverage schemes Implement cover 2, 3, and 4 using cloud and sky concepts Teach the same run fit techniques in all alignments and coverage schemes Swarm 11 defenders to the ball Learn to alternate pass coverages on the fly giving QBs and OCs nightmares Build a multiple defenses using the principles of the 4-2-5, 4-4 and 3-4 defenses to dominate opponents. Rick Stewart has put together a very detailed video that will help any defense. He demonstrates how to build this system with simple alignment rules and limited assignment changes for his defensive backs and outside linebackers. You will never have to change the alignment, read, or run fit of your two inside linebackers. Throughout the video, Coach Stewart discusses using cover 2, 3, and 4, with cloud and sky concepts. His whiteboard descriptions explain the differences in each coverage and how to use all of them with limited changes for the outside linebackers and defensive backs. He dedicates a great deal of discussion to route combinations and how they are handled in each coverage. He also includes a detailed description of run fits and techniques that are interchangeable between coverage schemes. After his description of each coverage, the focus turns to individual techniques and drills. As Stewart points out, his playbook determines the drills. Every drill is designed to simulate game situations seen in their multiple defensive looks. You will see whiteboard diagrams and descriptions of four drills for his backpedal progression, five tackling drills used for the defensive backs, and seven coverage drills for 1-,3-, and 5-step routes. Also covered are specific drills for the outside linebackers that concentrate on defeating four types of blocks, pass coverage and tackling. The whiteboard session is followed with an on-field video of players executing each drill. Stewart also covers group pursuit drills that are done in group sessions with only the defensive backs and outside linebackers. Using this system, your team will embody the motto, “eleven helmets, one poor soul”. This multiple defenses allows for a simplistic approach to a system that will seem complex to your opponent. Your team will spend time mastering simple assignments while your opponent spends time preparing for multiple defensive strategies. 86 minutes. 2012.