4-2-5 defense: Installation





Confuse offenses with a multiple defensive scheme that blends the 4-2-5, 4-4 and the 3-4 defenses together – with minimal learning for your players Develop sound tackling techniques through a fundamental 6-step tackling sequence Scrap traditional wind sprints for drills that condition with a purpose Rick Stewart took over a struggling program that had never won a playoff game. By implementing this multiple attack defense, he led the Gang Green to consecutive Sectional Final appearances, including a season where they finished 12-1 and became League Champions. Coach Stewart demonstrates how to blend the 4-2-5, 4-4, and the 3-4 defenses together through an amazingly simple concept. He diagrams his defense in a chalk talk before showing you practice video of his players adjusting to all of the possible formations. Goals and alignments versus every offensive formation are covered in detail. The unique “Gang Green” defensive concept allows the defensive front 7 the same reads and assignments for all three defenses employed. You’ll get Coach Stewart’s six-step tackling sequence to develop the proper tackling technique in his players as well as eight tackling drills used in his tackling circuit. Coach Stewart also walks you through the installation sequence in spring, summer, and August. He then shows you his daily practice plans during the season. As a bonus, practice video of five different pursuit drills are shown that you can use in place of wind sprints, allowing your team to learn great technique as you condition with a purpose. This is a great video that will help build a solid defense for any high school or middle school program. 67 minutes. 2012.